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I'm doing research for my human rights assignment. Trying to find music and songs with hidden messages of hope, courage and bravery... and others that have a humanity message or something. I've found a few songs... They are for a slide show of images that I will use in my presentation. I'm not sure how many songs I will use... Probably 5 maybe... I dunno...

I guess when I think of songs for this assignment are for like when you see ads for world vision or something...

So if anyone can give me any hints on some songs that could be useful...

I am definitely using the following two songs -

Imagine - John Lennon
Where the Streets have no name - U2

The other songs that I've found just in google searches are behind the cut...

I'm still yet to go through my playlist of music though...

I've gotta download a few of the songs underneath the cut to see how they go and whether they'll be appropriate or not... but yeah... Most of my assignment is about the war on terror and war in iraq... but for the slide show, I'm using images from other war torn countries (Burma, Rwanda, Columbia etc), third world, poverty stricken countries... domestic violence... etc...

Secure Yourself - Indigo Girls
Let it be me - Indigo Girls
Living in a Perfect World - Tagtraumer
For our world - Billy Gillman
Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Somewhere a clock is ticking - Snow Patrol
My City of RUins - Bruce Springsteen
19 - Paul Hardcastle
another day in paradise - Phil Collins
Broken Land - The Adventures
The Call Up - The Clash
Don't Give up - Peter Gabriel
Hell is for children - Pat Benatar
Mothers of the Disappeared - U2
Orange Crush - REM
Leaving New York - REM
Talk about a revolution - Tracy Chapman
Toy Soliders - Martika
We didn't start the fire - Billy Joel
When the children cry - White Lion
His Eye on the Sparrow - lauryn Hill
Out of my window - Gabriel
Where were you - Marc
Why - Da Blingz
World is crazy - Nikki G
Gerrys Tune - Bill Wardley Smith
More than a prayer - stuart menzie
Modern Day Crusades - Destroy the general
Crime to be broke - Spearhead
Be my voice - counterglow
Children's Crusade - Sting
No time to cry - Caplyn
Believe - yellow card
open your eyes - herm
paper tigers - thrice
on holy ground - gaz renolds
behind the crooken cross - slayer
chasing the dream - maxine
afghan lullaby
when the eagle cries - matthew jordan
tears we shard - face of friendship
after the war - gary moore
you'll never walk alone - gerry and the pacemakers
hands - jewel
stand - jewel
give peace a chance - john lennon/lenny kravitz
everything's gonna be alright - eric clapton
one voice - billy gillman
we want peace - lenny kravitz
one love - bob marley
superman - five for fighting
unbound -phenom
a little step - phenom
words of the unspoken - crossing point
upgrade - crossing point
move - crossing point
the urgency - crossing point
thank god for believers
tiimbeko - chamanyazi
iris - goo goo dolls
peacekeeper - fleetwood mac
tears in heaven - eric clapton
yesterday - the beatles
let it be - the beatles
between the stars and the waves - rivermaya
pink houses - john mellencamp
peaceful world - john mellencam
stars in their eyes - mark elliot
canto - los super seven
happy holidays - kate bush
heal the world - michael jackson
angel - sarah mclachlan
in your eyes - peter gabriel
fight like a brave - red hot chilli peppers
buffalo soldiers - bob marley
heroes - david bowie

and I have some stuff by our lady peace aswell...

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