we are never alone. (____milesaway) wrote in xxmusicislife,
we are never alone.

i have just about completely redone the info so you better check it out and let me know what you think. :D
i am also going to talk to the other mod sweetembrace_ about also redoing out layout.
as she said in her last post we need to PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE!!! i love this community but the only thing that is active is promotions for other communities and i hope you are promoting us as much as you are promoting them. it's near the end of march so i think we need to start our nominations for April's band of the month.

tilly and the wall
the rasmus
falling up
senses fail
the early november

please place your vote and suggestions for the community on more ways to keep active i need to talk to shannon about contests or something. ideas are greatly needed. :D

also i went to a show at a church close by last night and took some pictures...i will be posting them later.♥

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